Foundation and Team

Expressions of Humankind foundation is initiated by the Swedish non-profit foundation Expressions of Humankind. The foundation supports scientific research and education centered around the photographic image and the written word. Our aim is to inspire creative reflections on humanity, by experiencing global perspectives. 

Meet our board members


Chairperson of the Swedish Red Cross since 2005, following a long career in electoral politics as a Member of Parliament, Former Chair of the Swedish Liberal Party and Minister for Social Affairs. Former Chairperson of the Swedish Athletics Association. Bengt Westerberg has been devoted to improving public education throughout his career, and has been involved in a wide range of social welfare projects.


Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Ingvar Carlsson is one of the most respected leaders in modern Swedish political history, having won acclaim for insisting on full UN sanctions against the apartheid government of South Africa, and for mediating talks between Israel and the PLO. Since his final term in office ended in 1996, Ingvar Carlsson has devoted time to a number of missions, including as chair of a UN inquiry into the 1994 conflict in Rwanda.


One of Sweden’s most popular photographers and the initiator of several major projects, including A Day in the Life of Sweden, which remains the largest photographic undertaking in the nation’s history. Founder of Galleri Kontrast, Sweden’s largest photo gallery. Jeppe Wikström has received a number of prestigious awards for his contributions to photographic arts.


An experienced publisher of quality illustrated books, Marika Stolpe originally trained as a photographer. Today she's the CEO of Bokförlaget Max Ström, Scandinavia’s leading publisher of photography books.


Originally a Bachelor of Laws and Economics, Matias Palm-Jensen is the founder of Farfar, one of the world’s most innovative digital agencies.
He has won worldwide recognition as a web guru and digital visionary.


Swedish civil servant having served in several government ministries and with the Swedish delegation to the OECD. Michael Sohlman was Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture from 1987 to 89 and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1989-1991. Since May 1st 1992, he has served as Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

PATRICK STÅHLE Chair of the Board

A highly experienced international manager in the global media and advertising industry. Having also been involved in international Swedish sport challenges and welfare projects, Patrick Ståhle now serves as non-executive director for several companies, including Metro International SA (NASDAQ OMX) and Charm Communication Inc (NASDAQ US).

Meet our team

The mission of the project team is to use the power of photography to create, share and inspire perspectives on daily life.

Ayperi is responsible for the concept and photographic content of Bringing in a unique global experience of working with editorial production and markets, including as Vice President of Pictures at Reuters, Editor in Chief at Magnum Photos Paris and bureau Chief for Sipa Press in New York.

ALEX MITCHELL, Publishing director
Alex is coordinating media partnerships and publishing activities. Twenty years of experience in all aspects of international illustrated publishing, bringing in important expertise to our publishing activities and media partnerships. Co-founder of Duncan Baird Publishers and Watkins Publishing.

FREDRIK BYRFORS, Partner director
Fredrik is responsible for our partners and supporters. Years of experience working as a sales director in the publishing industry, having initiated and managed multiple collaborative projects around documenting the world using different media, including photographs.

HANNAH GUSTAFSSON, Communications manager
Hannah is coordinating the overall communications for She is a communications strategist with experience from a wide spread of projects within advertising, design and media.

Experienced in leading diverse and complex projects for many Swedish and international companies over the last 20 years. Previous partners include Stockholm’s 2004 Olympic Bid Committee and the Nobel Foundation.

MALIN BJÖRNELL, Project administrator
Malin leads the day-to-day activities in our Stockholm office, creating solutions to any operational challenges. Production manager and project administrator with years of experience in creating corporate events for worldwide clients.

MARCUS ERIXSON, Exhibitions manager
Marcus is supporting the development of exhibitions. Experienced Swedish photographer and exhibition organizer, his photographic work has been exhibited all over the world. A board member of the prestigious The Lennart Nilsson Award.

OSKAR KIHLBORG, Special projects director
Oskar is responsible for recruiting photographers reflecting on daily life from extreme places in the world. He is an adventurer/ photographer with a background ranging from the top of Mount Everest and Transatlantic speed records to rowing across the Baltic Sea from Sweden to Finland.

Rolf is connecting professional photographers to the project. He is a freelance photographer, editor and curator with over 40 years of experience. He contributed with his work to several Swedish publications and Vi magazine among others. Currently he is also involved with Galleri Kontrast in Stockholm and the Swedish Press-Photographers Club. 

SANDER GOUDSWAARD, Project director
Sander is responsible for the overall execution of the project. Former online coordinator for the World Press Photo foundation, creator of several awarded online platforms, iPad applications and digital exhibition components. A curator for the traveling World Press Photo exhibition.

STEFAN MORITZ, Technical & Service Design Advisor
Stefan is responsible for the technical execution of the project. With many years of experience accumulated from the fields of marketing, design and innovation he currently serves as Global Director of Service Solutions, Aegis Media.