Some tips for May 15

Posted on May 2nd 2012

Paul Hansen, an experienced photojournalist with innumerable awards to his credit (yes, he's the guy in our film) has given himself some advice for May 15.


We asked him to share:

• The day has 24 hours - don't neglect the early and late hours.
• No moment is too small or unimportant.
• Focus on things you're good at.
• Make the most of your local knowledge.
• Respect the people you photograph.
• Have fun!

Elizabeth Luu is seven years old and also participating in on May 15 (yes, she’s the girl in our film). She wants to share her tips too:

Keep your hand steady.
• Take pictures of things you’re interested in or curious about.
• Try new angles.
• Take lots and lots of pictures!
• Fun is important!

Watch our film to see Paul and Luu in action!

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