Help us by uploading later!

Posted on May 15th 2012

What a day! Thousands of images are rolling in. We are truly overwhelmed! 

Unfortunately a small group is experiencing some problems during the upload. We apologize for that!


  • Uploading is possible until 22nd of May
  • We are fixing some bugs right now and you can help us by waiting with uploading your photos.
  • Visit for more information
  • Have all your images ready before you start uploading*


So with the weekend coming up, there is plenty of time to upload and describe your work! We'll always make sure that you can participate with your photos! 


*Have all your images ready before you start uploading

Make sure you have all your images ready before you start uplaoding them. Once they are submitted, it is not possible to change anything. We are looking into a solution to solve this for you, so you can participate with all your images!