The Time Capsule - All photos from will be preserved for future generations.

Posted on Nov 15th 2012

An integral purpose of has been to preserve for the future all submitted pictures.

Several institutions around the world have committed to ensure that the high-resolution images will be made accessible for future research, as a kind of digital time capsule.

A time capsule in steel will be stored in the Falun Coppermine in Sweden. The contents comprise a copy of the book in English, a computer with all the high-resolution images, and photographic prints of a selection of the submitted pictures.

Falun Coppermine has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001 and the capsule will be given a position visible to visitors in the mine.

The time capsule has a hexagonal outer shell. Inside is a safety box, the secured part where the pictures will be stored. The outer shell shields the safety box from pressure. The capsule is fixed to a support.The capsule’s sections have been laser-cut from stainless steel, then flexed and welded together, assembled, polished and cleaned.

The capsule on display at the exhihibtion in Kulturhuset, Stockholm

The material for the inner safety box is a special alloy, Outokumpu 654 SMO®, known as ‘the world’s most stainless steel’. Stainless acid-proof steel has been used for the capsule’s other parts. A valve on the safety box allows it to be filled with argon gas before final sealing.

When the time comes to seal the time capsule, the objects will be placed inside the safety box, which is then welded shut and, through a valve, emptied of oxygen and moisture. Finally, it will be filled with argon gas to produce a non-reactive environment so the computer components do not degrade and the book and photographs do not decompose.

Thanks go to: Outokumpu, AGA, Bokförlaget Max Ström, Böhler Welding Group Nordic, Falun Coppermine, HP, Runius Design, Swagelok Sverige