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Our 2 PM habit, which might change until further notice. Work can become overwhelming that we made it a habit to take a break every 2 in the afternoon.

Work - My job
14:15, Makati, Philippines, mobile

Self-portrait :)

Work - My job
14:30, Makati, Philippines, mobile

Work - Commute
18:15, Makati CBD, Philippines, mobile

Work - Commute
18:15, Makati CBD, Philippines, mobile

Work - Commute
18:30, Makati CBD, Philippines, mobile

So I arrived home at this time.

Home - Room
19:45, Home, Philippines, mobile

How the after dinner at home looks like. Mom watches TV while I steal photographs.

Home - Room
20:00, Home, Philippines, mobile

My colleagues and I take a break every 10:30 AM (yes that early!) to avoid traffic in our small pantry. This is my lunch today: a viand called callos (beef sirloin, tomato sauce, pork and beans, potatoes) and rice. Chow time!

Work - Power
10:45, Makati, Philippines, mobile

Every morning, I am seated on the front passenger seat (just beside my mom who drives the car). I happened to sight this quite interesting man who piggy-backed by riding on the third wheel of the tricycle. Man, he fucking made it alive to his destination.:))

Home - Housing and Surroundings
06:45, home, Philippines, mobile

This is the other side of my bedroom wall. What you see in the photo now is perhaps the rather introvert and calmer side of me; the old lady in me, I should say. I've learned to love old things, I enjoy watching old movies and I've become this old-fashioned person that I never thought I'd be. I was not able to capture the left side, but if you ask me to describe it, it shows the ultimate fangirl in me: posters of The Beatles, Dean Martin, The Who, etc.

Home - My wall
20:45, Las PiƱas, Philippines, mobile

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