Photographing the world on a single day

Take part in the historic photographic challenge on May 15

On May 15th we ask you to photograph what is close to you. Upload a photo, share it, compare it and join others all around the world doing the same. Let a part of your life inspire generations to come. Every single photo will be saved for future research and inspiration. will result is a unique online collection of photographs that showcases the lives of people around the world in one day. Let’s together ensure that the everyday life also in Denmark, Norway and Sweden are well represented in this unique photo collection. is initiated by the Swedish non-profit foundation Expressions of Humankind. The project aims to document the everyday life’s across the globe and  to inspire the perspectives on humankind - today and tomorrow. 

One day, a million views - add yours!

As founding partner to Ericsson is proud to be part of this inclusive and global photo project. It’s a testimony that we are on the brink of the Networked Society and it's an important driver of this project. Technology is empowering people to come together in one place  and share a bit of history that will be preserved for the future generation. Ericsson encourages all to get involved in the project.