Welcome to Sweco's page on aday.org.

Sweco is one of the companies that have chosen to join the common effort now being made worldwide. To be part of creating a snapshot of the life we live - to inspire generations to come.

Our more than 7 000 employees across the world will be able to contribute with photos about our daily lives asengineers, architects and environmental experts.

We believe that our images can be a great contribution to aday.org and that we also through participation may be inspired to discuss further on how our business works today and where we want to be in the future.

Join in and register here if you are an employee at Sweco!

Take pictures on yourself, your colleagues or your customers. Take a picture of the environments and buildings that you are involved in creating. Join in and help to describe your life at Sweco and take a picture to inspire discussion - now and in the future!