Team up! asks you to photograph your daily life, related to our 3 main categories Home, Work and Connections. In this project professionals, amateurs, school children, farmers, social media fans, astronauts, office workers, and so on, all work together.

We know that there are people out there, who would like to participate as a team and afterwards, see their photos together. To facilitate those we introduce the team tag.

What is a team tag?

The team tag is a label that you and all your team members can add to their individual photos. When we launch the final website, including all photos uploaded by you all to, you will be able to enter your team tag and as a result, see all photos of your team displayed together.

What is team?

Anything can be team: your school class, the news paper desk, your family, your department, your project team in college, your friends, your sports team, the science lab; anyone you would like to form a team with on May 15th!

What do I need to do?

Create a tag that describes your team and share it with your team members. Make sure you enter the tag in the field below and we will add it to your profile, and of course make sure your team members do the same! When you are uploading your images after May 15th, we will ask you for each photo that you upload, if you would like it to belong to this team.

Can I enter a team tag later?

Of course you can also enter the team tag manually during the upload of your photos. Just make sure that you have decided on what your team tag is, and your team members do the same.

How do I choose a team tag?

When choosing a team tag, make sure you are specific. “Photo students” is very generic, but “Photo students LCC 3rd year”, is already much better!

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Examples of team names

  • Kim family Seoul, Sogong Dong
  • Rio de Janeiro public high school district 2, class 5
  • Dublin Old Boys Football team 2
  • Rwanda through eyes of children
  • Bejing Photography Club Flashlight

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