What to shoot?

The very soul of this project is its combination of your photos and detailed information about what you have shot and who you are. 

To avoid that your images will not simply end up in yet another online database, we have developed an easy, but effective system of categories, subcategoires and keywords. This system will make your images more comprehensive, easier to compare and easier to explore when we publish them online. Plus it will add valuable data for researchers and educational projects.

Explore the categories and what is inside of them, by clicking on one of them!

The keywords we pre-set, or create one yourself!:

Main categories

Everyone participating in this project will be asked to reflect and photograph around three main categories: Home, Work and Connections. Some of the photos you will take will have aspects of 2 or even 3 categories. But it is up to you to decide when uploading them, where your photo fits best.

Home: Photos related to where and how you or others live.

Work: Photos related to where and how you or others work.

Connections: Photos related to everything that connects us to each other like community, technology, family, energy, faith, cultures, politics and lifestyle.

Sub categories

Each main category acts as an umbrella for a series of more detailed sub-categories. These sub categories touch on very concrete objects or situations around you as well as on your perception of things. In the end it is up to you if you want to photograph them in a  straightforward way or give a more personal visual interpretation.

Some subcategories are open invitations to shoot something very specific. Like in Home you will find 'My Wall'; what do you chose to put on your wall? This is a great document of your personal taste. Within Work you will find 'My Job'. For you an opportunity to show how you look at what you do for a living.


Within most sub categories, we have pre-set some keywords for you to add to the description of your images. Of course we also give you the opportunity to create one yourself. Because the more specific you are in your indications about where your photos belong, the more we can compare them with other photos.

Your personal interpretation 

Each main category has two sub catgories that are all about your personal interpretation of situations or objects.

Treasure & junk (in Home)
Show us your most loved item in your home and the one you dislike most! We believe that what we love and what we hate, says a lot about us as persons. But it also tells about our times and local cultures. When this archive becomes an historic reference it will be exciting to see how the value of these objects has changed with time. Maybe todays treasure is tomorrows junk?

Power & purpose (in Work)
How do you visualize its sense of power over you or over society? What is for you the purpose of work? Work is often our lifeline, and it is seldom photographed on a larger scale. Not easy to picture, but we never said it would be…

Care & fear (in Connections)
How can you express the sense of care for others or for larger goals and aspirations? What do you fear in what surrounds you, now and for the future?

The upload itself

On May 15th we will launch our upload tool for you. Below is a video of how this looks and works – so you can get the idea!

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